Methotrexate can be dangerous and deadly

What is Methotrexate used for?

This medication is used to treat:

  • psoriasis
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • trophoblastic neoplasms
  • leukemias

Why was Methotrexate Recalled (or why should it be) ?

Methotrexate has been shown to decrease the number of blood cells in your bone marrow. It can cause cancerous lymphomas, tumor lysis syndrome (electrolyte imbalances), severe skin reactions, infections such as pneumonia, bone and soft tissue damage, and severe damage to your liver, kidneys, lungs, and gastrointestinal tract (some of which can be fatal).

This drug is so bad that If you are pregnant they reccomend aborting the baby because of the damage it will do. It has actually been used with other medication as an abortion pill.. If you become pregnant, call your doctor immediately. Methotrexate Will harm the fetus.

Reports in the UK show that in the last 10 years, 25 patient deaths and 26 cases of serious harm have been linked to the use of oral methotrexate. Because of the toxic effects associated with taking methotrexate, patients require regular blood tests to check for side effects. Most doctor’s do not do these tests.

What Makes Methotrexate a dangerous Drug ( side effects):

  • Way to many to even try to list but here is a few
  • Death
  • Cancer
  • Harm to a fetus
  • Infection
  • Kidney Damage
  • Liver Damage
  • It goes on and on…..

Common Misspelling or other names: Rheumatrex Amethopterin MTX mecsotrecate, mexotrecsate mexotrexade, mexotrecaste


13 Comments on "Methotrexate can be dangerous and deadly"

  1. Caroline on Fri, 2nd Apr 2010 10:12 am 

    I have been told I have to take this drug before I can be considered for another much better newer (and obviously more expensive one) I have suffered psoraisis for years.

    This is rubbish….

  2. Sherry on Tue, 6th Jul 2010 10:50 pm 

    Methotrexate has been around a long time and has proven safer than taking prescription strenth motrin on a regular basis. People have taken it for years without harmful side effects. Stop trying to scare people out of treating deadly diseases.

  3. susie on Fri, 22nd Jul 2011 11:14 am 

    I have heard that methotrexate suppresses the immune system and that is not a good thing. Rebuild the immune system with natural produce such as fruit and veg, not go harming it with lethal, toxic pills.

  4. karl on Fri, 7th Oct 2011 8:37 pm 

    do not take this drug,i was wrongly issued it and now suing the local hospital…… it is highly dangerous, the side affects are crazy, i wwould only decribe it as a living hell, saying that hell may have been better, im now off it after going private and thy found it was the wrong medication, still suffer nightmares,but i lost a yesr of my life

  5. azola on Sun, 9th Oct 2011 6:38 am 

    I’m using this drug now I’m scared that itr is dangerous!

  6. Julie on Thu, 24th Nov 2011 1:29 am 

    I have used methortrexate for the past 7 years. I go for regular blood test. I have not experiences any problems whatsoever. I laso take folic acis on a daily basis.

  7. jim on Thu, 16th Feb 2012 10:02 pm 

    I was prescribed this drug for 5 years to combat lymphoma, and have used both oral and intravenous. I experienced very serious side-effects while using methotrexate. From what I understand, methotrexate is extremely toxic to certain individuals and not to others, all based upon body chemistry. Alarm bells for the hazardous side effects are difficult to detect. My own health dramatically improved within days of refusing to use it anymore. However, I did not escape without several permanent damages. Never assume your doctor has all the facts. Many physicians (outside the academic wall) are entirely ignorant or resistant to the notion that other common drugs are much more effective and far less deleterious to a patients life than methotrexate. I would beg anyone being advised to use this drug to heavily research every alternative on your own, and return to your doctor with this list of alternatives. If you can, try to print off some evidence of the alternatives’ success. I finally found a physician worth his salt, and I have been able to start living my life again.

  8. andrea morton on Sat, 24th Mar 2012 1:16 pm 

    ive been on methatraxate for three weeks now and have had different side effects that seem to come and go headaches feeling sick very low moods ulcurs in my mouth ive tried alot of different meds for ra and phroises arthritus sorry for the spelling but ive been told i will have to stay on this meds for the rest of my life i was very scared and still am ive just had a flu and newmonerer injections

  9. debbie on Mon, 26th Mar 2012 1:00 pm 

    i am starting on methotrexate is there side affects

  10. susie on Wed, 25th Apr 2012 10:16 am 

    I had extremely bad RA and I was really crippled and in extreme pain for a few years but I refused drugs cos the side effects were obviously very dangerous. I came across a web site called and followed the plan which involves juicing carrots, apples and green leafy veg. I was mixing it with dandelion leafs, sour cherries, luckily I have a sour cherry tree in my back garden. I drink nettle tea daily which is very cleansing and I eat lots of fresh salads and veg. I gave up meat and turned vegan. Drinking lots of water and getting plenty of sunshine and fresh air. After about 9 months of doing this I was about 70 percent better and now after about two years I am about 99 percent better.This plan does not work over night but it does work. Takes several months to notice benefits but I am living proof that it really does rebuild the immune system and help heal RA. The pills such as methotrexate have terrifying side effects and I would not go any where near it. I hope that this information will help others. I have my life back without using pills and I sincerely hope that others will too.

  11. Eve Legault on Wed, 5th Dec 2012 12:37 pm 

    I’ve been taking Methotrexate since March 2012 (20 mg per week) to fight anterior Uveitis in my eyes. Does anyone else i’ve been told that this medication is good for that particular disease. I don’t like the side effect feel tired all the time.

  12. R Minocheri on Tue, 30th Apr 2013 9:10 pm 

    I have been taking Mehtotraxate for the past 12 years (20mg per week) with 10mg of Folic Acid. Have also had monthly blood tests. Can honestly say my RA has improved dramatically and no side effects have been experienced. I honestly cannot understand what all the fuss is about. I have learned that in Australia, they call it Vitamin M. Personally, I feel if it has been prescribed to you, take it. Discontinue it only when you personally feel bad with it. Do bear in mind, ALL drugs have side side effects.

  13. tony cookson on Sat, 25th Jan 2014 10:31 am 

    i have been prescibed this havnt started yet nut if its a choice between painfull joints and some of the possible side effects i will stick with the pain.
    the risks far outway the benefits

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