Catnip as an herbal medicine

Catnip, the stuff that drives your cat crazy is, actualy a powerful herbal remedy. Catnip is often said to be natures “alka-Seltzer.” Catnip actually has a number of health benefits, and has been in use as an herbal remedy for many years. In fact, the Native Americans used to use it for colic, and as a sedative that effects the nervous system.

Catnip is a very mild herb.  It can make a very soothing tea which some people say is mild enough to give to small children.

Catnip is either used alone or in combination with other herbal remedies for the common cold, flu, fevers, upset stomach, childhood illnesses, and even insomnia. Catnip is most often used for children with upset stomachs and colicky babies.

Common misspelling of Catnip – cat nip, catnipe, catnop, katnip, katnipe


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